Disruptive Construction

We strongly believe in the power of reducing our carbon footprint in the world. We provide our clients with green construction options like Eco-Friendly Container Construction Homes and Custom Furniture out of re-purposed materials to maximize space and functionality.

Why Disruptive Construction?

Because we always take the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) into account wherever we build and design. We follow these 3 Rs so closely, that they've even become our motto. Our goal is to reshape and rethink the way we currently build by never being afraid of taking risks. We calculate, research, and explore the use of non-traditional materials for anything we build or anything we do. We also believe in changing the interaction between a contractor and a future homeowner. Our Robert Locksley Program, is a great example where our client is our partner as well. This allows for a better return on their investment and allows for open communication where nothing is set in stone, where we can accommodate to build something we all love. Our name, Disruptive Construction, defines our innovative personality and how we view not only construction landscapes, but all aspects of it, by aiming for a better way of doing things. The only constant is our commitment to provide a top quality product, great customer service, and a satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Shipping Containers vs Traditional Steel Frame

The Pearl, in San Antonio, is the perfect example of how reusing, re-purposing, and recycling without sacrificing aesthetics can become the perfect mixture of smart construction and being environmentally aware of the surroundings. We strongly believe that this type of construction needs to become the way we build today. It is 2016 and we should be building differently. We believe that a blend between the old and new ways of doing construction often yields memorable and impressive work. The Pearl Brewery is the perfect example where a container construction could accomplish that balance between urban and industrial design. We think our kind of construction is a great fit for this new construction style that the Pearl stands for.

Structural Steel Frame

There is a structural steel layer between the interior wall and the exterior.  By using shipping containers as our shell/frame we speed up the construction process and prolong the life of the building. Our construction is more secure than traditional stick frame construction, is better insulated, tornado proof, flood proof, hurricane proof, and theft proof (with special window and door treatment).

Finished Product

There are a few misconceptions about using a shipping container to build a house. The main misconception is that the inside will probably look like a container, which is definitely not the case. In reality, the finished product can look like a traditional construction with modern design (sheet rock walls, big open spaces, insulated windows, ceramic, marble and wooden floors, 9’6″ height ceilings, etc). A container home can look just like any other house available in the market today.




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Our goal is to always provide an exceptional level of service, build lasting partnerships with our clients and innovate in everything we do.