Essential Hunting Cabins

The New Normal

With our current situation “the new normal” is going to dictate new rules to socialize now more than ever the ability whether to get away for the weekend or leaving town for hunting season or just to bug out if necessary, these portable fully furnished and equipped cabins are the solution to all of these problems.

The Texan can be shipped anywhere across the country. These units can be installed anywhere—they don’t require a foundation and can be outfitted with solar panels and a backup generator, water filtration system, and we can customize them to fit any required equipment, including walk in coolers or to fit stations for food processing of indoor greenhouse pods.



One of the biggest advantages we have is price since building remotely, hauling building materials, getting subcontractors on site etc. can add up pretty rapidly then if work has to stop because of the weather or running out of materials could create an increase on original cost, the noise generated in places where hunting season is around the corner makes building limited to certain times of the year, with these containers the speed with which they can be fabricated is unmatched. In our 27,000 square-foot warehouse, we can produce anywhere from 180 to 300 units per month. It takes 50 days after the purchase order has been made to start delivery these cabins start at $50,000.00 Dlls retail fully furnished.



We have two design options depending on need: one unit with privacy bunk beds to sleep 6 hunters or one unit for a full family of 4-5.

Each unit is a 8’0”W x 40’0”L x 9’6”H High cube shipping container (320 square feet) that makes the main cabin.

Additional 20ft fully customizable containers available on which as an example half is walk in freezer and the other half could be used as a dinning room or food processing, tool shop etc. Also, additional insulated empty containers could be purchased for all terrain vehicles storage, dry goods i.e. corn, gas tanks

You can order a couple of weeks before the hunting season starts on a new lease and not having to worry about scaring the animals away.

Finishes outside can be either camouflaged, matte finish in desert or green colors for easy blend into environment or traditional cabin look with wood siding (extra cost).

Lastly this is not a typical prefabricated house, this micro hunting cabins are structurally sound, you can install a patio deck or a blind on the roof, it can withstand winds up to 150 mph, they are fireproof, watertight, tornado and hurricane proof, and hard to break into making them ideal for remote locations minimal maintenance required and meant to last a lifetime and most importantly built in the U.S.A.


We fabricate these units utilizing decommissioned marine shipping containers (ISO 2000) that provide 320-square foot units featuring a full bathroom, full kitchen and 2 bedrooms; or in the same storage space, either queen bed sofa bed or bunkbeds in main bedroom.


  • Walls and ceiling in bathroom are covered with a commercial, antimicrobial, food grade, watertight sealed, FRP Panel as well as floor drains. While the rest of the cabin has wood paneling for a warmer cabin feel This allows for each unit to be pressure washed (after the mattress is removed) if needed for the next tenant.
  • Floor is covered with a heavy-duty, non-slip epoxy.
  • Full bathrooms with toilet, shower, storage cabinet and medicine cabinet.
  • LED lights throughout the unit, USB plugs for electronics, energy efficient A/C and heater unit as well as a closed cell foam insulation for a value of R40 in walls and ceiling to keep operating cost at a minimum.
  • Easy hookup to municipal utilities for minimum impact on lot and easy relocation. Or to a water well, water hose, rain catchment system, drainage to local sewer, septic tank under or above ground, as far as electricity it can be connected to an 110 outlet, back up generator or
    solar panel system.
  • Opportunity to expand even after units are in use, with minimum intrusion and cost to set up (a plug and play Lego approach).
  • Appliances are included: full kitchen with open shelves on top, butcher block countertops, full-size fridge, full size 2 compartment sink, washer and dryer (upon request), microwave with vent hood, induction cooktops and a full-size fridge.

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Secondary NAICS: 33231, 236220, 624221, 624230


We strongly believe in the power of reducing our carbon footprint in our world. We provide our clients with Green Construction options like Eco-Friendly Container Construction Homes and Custom Furniture out of re-purposed materials to maximize space and functionality.


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