Units with technology that is highly energy efficient, low maintenance, durable, antibacterial and safe.

The Problem

Our current situation with coronavirus is that we don’t have enough testing accessibility in every city. There’s still a serious shortage of testing for COVID-19 across the U.S. While COVID-19 testing criteria can vary depending on where you live, tests are being rationed in every state.

The  Current Solution

It is difficult to get a grasp on actual testing numbers, and access to testing among different communities varies greatly. The capacity of testing sites varies from just 50 tests a day at one site, to 2,000 at another.

Available data likely does not reflect tests done in private physicians’ offices, and instead focuses on federally-funded or local government-run community sites, urgent care clinics and hospitals. Accessibility is also limited by staffing and wait times, as well as other restrictions on testing like appointments or insurance requirements.

The New Solution

We can provide mobile testing centers, where the testing center travels to the communities where people need testing rather than people having to travel a long distance to a testing center. Mobile testing centers will make testing more accessible to private sector employers, hospitals and government agencies. The mobile testing centers can park outside your facilities and fulfill all your needs.

One of the biggest advantages of these mobile testing centers is the speed with which they can be fabricated. In our 27,000 square-foot warehouse, we can produce
anywhere from 180 to 300 units per month. It takes 50 days after the purchase order has been made to start delivering 6 to 10 units daily.

We have two design options depending on need: 20’ or 40’ containers that can be customized to your needs. Our partners can provide testing with qualified medical staff, or we can customize our units to fit your needs so you can do your own testing.

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We strongly believe in the power of reducing our carbon footprint in our world. We provide our clients with Green Construction options like Eco-Friendly Container Construction Homes and Custom Furniture out of re-purposed materials to maximize space and functionality.


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